EZSummaryPro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What platforms does EZSummaryPro support?

Everything!  All web servers, all web browsers, no plug-ins required, no special server software needed.  EZSummaryPro can be hosted by any provider, and/or loaded on any client website - it is as simple as unzipping a file and loading it on your web server.  EZSummaryPro is a hassle-free experience, guaranteed!

How many people use iPads and tablets?

With a massive install base, iPad and tablets are now owned by over 46% of the United States marketplace.  iPads and tablets have proven to be useful in all age groups as well!  For more statistics, see our Tablet Trending page on the EZOnlineDocuments website.

How much does EZSummaryPro cost?

EZSummaryPro is quoted for your specific project to take into account all aspects of the solution.  If you re-use portions of the document set for multiple funds, for example, discounts apply.  Contact us today to get a specific quote.

Why is PDF so commonly used when it fails the SEC rules on iPads and tablets?

PDF is a long-used solution for posting online documents.  However, with the advent of iPads and tablets, in addition to the very complex SEC rules around Summary Prospectuses, PDF fails for stock iPads.  Stock iPads have a built-in PDF reader that does not support cross-document linking, full text searching, or continuously visible document navigation.  Many companies still post PDF only solutions, not understanding that the solution fails for some of their clients.  For more information see: Why PDF-Only Solutions Fail SEC Rules.

Do EZSummaryPro documents update automatically?

No.  EZSummaryPro is designed to be under the full control of the company, so it is updated only when the company wishes to update it.  Otherwise, it is a controlled and predictable experience that showcases information exactly as intended.  Unlike competitive solutions, you are in full control with EZSummaryPro!

Who is behind EZSummaryPro?

EZSummaryPro is a product of EZOnlineDocuments, an independent service provider who can work with any existing service provider, or directly with companies to provide the best solution on the marketplace.  For more information, see our About Us page and links.

Can EZSummaryPro handle large projects?

Of course!  EZOnlineDocuments has converted thousands of companies documents since starting in 1998 - 100% on-time, 100% online.  We have the experience, proven success and staffing to handle any project size.


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