About EZOnlineDocuments

EZOnlineDocuments was established in 1998 in response to a need in the investor relations industry. Formerly OnlineProxy, the firm filled the void in investor communication for delivering material—annual reports, proxies, 10-Ks—in an online environment. It was an innovative and break-through approach in the industry. EZOnlineDocuments' service meets the aggressive timelines of the SEC Notice & Access rules and provides companies a powerful way to brand and present their documents and still meet publishing deadlines.

Through the years we have evolved and expanded our offerings to ensure our service model and innovation flourish. Today, with increasing compliance in many industries, our mission continues to be the same: Offer leading online documents and client service.

With EZSummaryPro, EZOnlineDocuments has brought the best online product to market for the Mutual Fund industry - meeting the aggressive and complex SEC rules and recommendations in a way that PDF and other solutions cannot.  

For more information about EZOnlineDocuments, see our main company website: www.EZOnlineDocuments.com