EZSummaryPro Case Study: Aquila Funds

Aquila Funds has adopted EZSummaryPro to showcase their funds in the best possible way for their online investors.  Key features to notice when reading their online documents:

Continuously visible document switcher

All related documents are presented in a tab menu (in EZSummaryPro's Never-Hidden Navigation) which is always on the screen, allowing readers to quickly jump between them.

Linked table of contents

Also in the Never-Hidden Navigation is a dropdown menu with a linked table of contents.

Powerful company branding

Notice how the EZSummaryPro design fits in perfectly with Aquila Fund's web pages - including the tiles navigation.

Works for everyone on anything

Documents work on every platform from desktop to laptop to iPad to tablet to other mobile devices.

Exceeds SEC rules and recommendations

Online summary prospectuses have strict requirements for all platforms including cross-document linking, linkable table of contents, being as or more usable than print, and more.  EZSummaryPro exceeds all SEC rules and recommendations.  

Click any image to the right to read that fund's EZSummaryPro.


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