Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Rules on Summary Prospectuses

  1. Implementation is REQUIRED as of January 2010
  2. Available on the Internet
    The Summary Prospectus, SAI, Prospectus, Annual Report and Semi-Annual Report must be accessible, free of charge, at the web address listed on the cover of the Summary Prospectus.   They must be available at the time the summary prospectus is sent and all documents must remain current and available on the web site for 90 days.  
  3. Usability
    All documents must be convenient for both reading online and printing on paper.  These requirements are intended to result in online information that is in a better and more useable format than the same information when provided on paper.    
  4. Linkable Table of Contents
    Online versions of the Statutory Prospectus and SAI must allow users to move directly back and forth between section headings in their Table of Contents (TOC).  This linked TOC may be outside the document and need not be the TOC contained in the document itself.  
  5. Cross-Document Linking
    The Summary Prospectus must allow users to move back and forth to the Statutory Prospectus and SAI using links at the top and bottom of the Summary Prospectus or via links that remain continuously visible.  
  6. Downloadable/Printable
    Able to retain, without charge, an electronic copy of the statutory prospectus and other information.


Read about these rules on the SEC website (click here).

EZSummaryPro exceeds SEC rules
  • Continuously visible document switcher
    In our Never-Hidden Navigation, access to each SEC required document is always available.
  • Dropdown contents
    Also in our Never-Hidden Navigation is a linkable table of contents dropdown.
  • Better than print
    Exceeds SEC's rule stating the online version must be as good, or better, than the printed version.
  • Download/print/available
    Basic features including presenting the document online (available) and with the ability to download and print.
  • Works everywhere for everyone
    Unlike competitive products, EZSummaryPro works on all desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets and other mobile devices.

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