Why PDF Fails the SEC rules

The PDF format has been used by the industry for a long time to present documents online.  However, as new SEC rules have come to be and also new technologies have been adopted, a PDF-only solution unfortunately fails to meet the standards.  On a stock iPad, there is a built-in PDF reader which has some critical faults:

  • Cross-document linking does not work
    A critical fault, all internal document links (to sections of the same document as well as to external documents) fail on the stock iPad PDF reader.  Therefore, PDF-only solutions fail to meet the SEC rule requiring that the user be able to switch between the Summary Prospectus, Prospectus and SAI (Statement of Additional Information).  
  • Linkable table of contents does not work 
    In addition, internal document links not working also means the PDF-only solution fails the SEC rule requiring a linkable table of contents.
  • No full-text search and poor navigation
    The built-in PDF reader for stock iPads does not allow full text searching nor strong navigation of the document.  This fails the SEC intention for the online document to be better and more usable than the paper version.

How to Fix PDF-Only Solutions

Companies could add technology to detect the user's situation and react to the built-in PDF reader by presenting a way for the user to download a new app that can handle the rules and/or provide support options to help walk users through the process.

Or, companies could use EZSummaryPro which not only solves the above problems, but has increased usability and branding capabilities.  See more about EZSummaryPro's benefits.

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Don't settle for PDF and failing to meet SEC rules for your customers, instead use EZSummaryPro and exceed all SEC rules!

EZSummaryPro exceeds SEC rules
  • Continuously visible document switcher
    In our Never-Hidden Navigation, access to each SEC required document is always available.
  • Dropdown contents
    Also in our Never-Hidden Navigation is a linkable table of contents dropdown.
  • Better than print
    Exceeds SEC's rule stating the online version must be as good, or better, than the printed version.
  • Download/print/available
    Basic features including presenting the document online (available) and with the ability to download and print.
  • Works everywhere for everyone
    Unlike competitive products, EZSummaryPro works on all desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets and other mobile devices.

For more information, see EZSummaryPro benefits.